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I've made a commitment: to do one good deed per day. Large or small, it doesn't matter. Self-sacrificing or not, extraordinary or mundane, it doesn't matter. Just one thing every day, that's all.

The more I do good, the better I feel about myself. Truly, to benefit others is to benefit yourself. I hope this journal may inspire others who also yearn to do good. So join me on this journey, if you will, and think about the difference you can make in your own life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sharing trash collection

Picking up trash is one of the deeds I do most often, and enjoy the most, but today's was special. As I was walking to the convenience store for lunch, I noticed a 2-liter bottle of Coke lying in the snow drift. I waded in and retrieved it, only to run into a man walking up right behind me. He immediately offered to take the bottle and dispose of it at his house.

What's special about this experience is that it was a shared moment. Either one of us might have passed the Coke bottle by. But because I did happen to pick it up, it brought it to the attention of the other guy, spurring him to action as well. Meanwhile, it reminded me that others are also ready to do good deeds.

ONE GOOD DEED: Share an experience of picking up trash.

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