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I've made a commitment: to do one good deed per day. Large or small, it doesn't matter. Self-sacrificing or not, extraordinary or mundane, it doesn't matter. Just one thing every day, that's all.

The more I do good, the better I feel about myself. Truly, to benefit others is to benefit yourself. I hope this journal may inspire others who also yearn to do good. So join me on this journey, if you will, and think about the difference you can make in your own life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maxims for trashmonks

As you've surely noticed, I like picking up trash. It's not exactly what I'd list under "likes" in a dating ad, but nevertheless. I often pick up trash around my town's river, beach, or streets. This has developed into a kind of meditation. I'm fond of calling it the way of the "trashmonk." Even though it has nothing to do with monasteries and monkhood.

Musing thoughts led me to these maxims.

Maxims for Trashmonks

Take care for your health
Respect others' territory
Respect others' possessions
Cultivate patience
Cultivate perseverence
Cultivate fortitude
Set goals and achieve them
What is clean one moment is dirty the next; what is dirty one moment can be clean the next
Don't be a burden on others
Don't preach
Set an example for others
Don't be troubled by those who mistreat you; just go on your way
Weather your hardships
Enjoy your rewards
Carry nothing that can't get dirty
Reduce, recycle, reuse
Educate others
Don't condescend
Take care to avoid righteousness
Keep your mind on what you are doing
Take things one step at a time
Step carefully
Prepare adequately
To be dirt is to be out of place
All things have their place
Whatever cleans tends to get dirty
Whatever can become dirty can also become clean
Mind your own habits before minding others'
Clean your own home first
Study waste: its materials, its effects
Rome was not built in a day
Trash is matter out of place.
Respect all matter.
All forms of matter have their appropriate place and time.
Diversity, not disorder.
As without, so within.
Clean without, clean within.

image: H.A. Shulte's trash art in Cologne

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