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I've made a commitment: to do one good deed per day. Large or small, it doesn't matter. Self-sacrificing or not, extraordinary or mundane, it doesn't matter. Just one thing every day, that's all.

The more I do good, the better I feel about myself. Truly, to benefit others is to benefit yourself. I hope this journal may inspire others who also yearn to do good. So join me on this journey, if you will, and think about the difference you can make in your own life.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An overworked teacher

An English teacher at one of the junior highs mentioned how overworked she felt. Graduation (which happens in spring in Japan) is nearing and the preparations are taking their toll. For each class today when the students asked her "How are you?" she said "I'm tired" every time. So I gave her as many of my worksheets and teaching materials as possible to take the load off her lesson planning.

ONE GOOD DEED: Help out a fellow teacher under stress.

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