What's going on here?

I've made a commitment: to do one good deed per day. Large or small, it doesn't matter. Self-sacrificing or not, extraordinary or mundane, it doesn't matter. Just one thing every day, that's all.

The more I do good, the better I feel about myself. Truly, to benefit others is to benefit yourself. I hope this journal may inspire others who also yearn to do good. So join me on this journey, if you will, and think about the difference you can make in your own life.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Listening to R

My girlfriend R was going through an emotional rough patch tonight. She was frustrated with herself, and it was difficult for her to communicate what she felt. I just listened and offered the best responses I could. It made me sad to see her in pain. I wanted to just fix all her problems for her, but I also knew that wouldn't help. All I could do is support her in her own struggles.

ONE GOOD DEED: Listen to and be there for R in a tough time.

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